Welcome To Startling Solar

Welcome to the stunning world of Startling Solar Pvt. Ltd. We as a young & dynamic company are here to cater to all your small & big needs of solar energy.


The whole world is getting affected by climate change. This change touches the life of each & every individual on this earth. The world needs a clean atmosphere to live in and we all deserve a much better environ to thrive in.


Let us all make strident efforts by embracing this generous and bountiful source of energy and pitch our contribution to make our beautiful planet Earth, the most resplendent body of this universe.


India’s solar sector has unlimited opportunities. However the major hurdle till date is the smooth financing of the projects in this field. Till few years back investments in solar were giving abysmally low returns as compared to traditional forms of energy and less compared to other forms of renewable energy like wind. The IRR (Internal Rate of Return) was one among the lowest and the payback period longest. This was one of the main reasons for a low level of interest in solar.


We have tie-ups with prominent manufacturers across the globe. Our partnerships helps in catering to the various needs of our clients. We can supply the following at the best possible combination of reasonable prices & best qualitty coupled with prompt delivery and after sales service.

Some of our major supplies are as follows:-

1. Silicon Wafers & Ingots
2. Cells (Monocrystalline & Polycrystalline)
3. Modules (Silicon & Thin film)
4. Manufacturing Equipment
5. Inverters

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Address :
301, F Wing,
Kailash Industrial Complex,
Hiranandani Link Road,
Vikhroli (West),
Mumbai – 400 079

Tel: +91-22-6560 6999

Email id: contact@startlingsolar.com

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